Infinite Possibilities

The Altopiano of Asiago is an island in the sky twice the size of Malta that offers a huge range of rides over its 600 square kilometres. In addition, we can provide apartments with garages complete with a stand and tools to service your bikes.

Bassano del Grappa BridgeRoad Cyclists
There are a range of established road routes rising up from sea-level to the Altopiano plateau of Asiago from all sides of the compass. Check out this YouTube film documenting a ride from Bassano del Grappa to Asiago by two cyclists from the UK.

The Altopiano is also close to plenty of other great destinations including Monte Grappa’s
The Climb of The Heroes, Venice, Verona, Lake Garda, Trento and the Dolomites.

Mountainbikers on Fort Monte Verena 2000+ metresMountain Biking

Click here for some routes from the website of the local tourism board

Click here for some high altitude fearless video from the cliff paths of Monte Cengio.

The Altopiano plateau features an infinity of logging paths many based on old military supply roads from the First World War including the 50 mile Path of Peace (Sentiero della Pace) for cyclists and walkers that links together the most important war memorials in the area. This path snakes up from 1000 metres above sea level in the central lowland of the plateau all the way up to the 2300 metres height of the highest peak Cima XII (Mount Twelve). The adjacent photo shows cyclists on the roof of the fort on Monte Verena where the first Italian shot was fired when Italy entered the First World War in 1915*. When under snow in wintertime many of these roads become the arteries of the biggest cross-country skiing network in the world. This second use gives an idea of the kind of tranquility, panoramas and wildlife that can be expected in summer time.

*On the hundredth anniversary of that day in May 2015 this auspicious and tragic event was commemorated at the foot of the mountain with a torch procession, a gathering of 3000 people and artillery fire at 3.30am.