Map of the Altopiano of Asiago
Looking northwards from Vicenza in the Veneto. The dolomites can be seen on the right hand side of the horizon.

Colour map in perspectiveThis map is a classic design which is also replicated in three dimensional reliefs that can be seen in bars and offices in the Altopiano.

Here is the numbered Index for the map:
1 Battlefields Lozze Cima, Cima Campanella, Monte Ortigara q.2105 (q: Quota: altitude in metres above sea-level);
2 Battlefields Caldiera q.2124 Cima, Cima Bell Ringer, busa della Scala;
3 Battlefields of Cima Campigoletti q.2052, Monte Forno, Cima Church
4 Hinder Austrian Monument, Campo Gallina q.1876, Corno di Campo Verde;
5 Battlefields of Monte Zebio q.1717, Scalambron;
6 Warzone Cima Castelgomberto, Mount Fior q.1824 Spil;
7 Zone War “Battle of the Three Mountains” Top Valbella, Col del Rosso, Cima Ekar q.1366;
8 Cemeteries of the Austro-Hungarian Mosciagh. q.1486;
9 Cemeteries, Italian and English Val Magnaboschi q.1091;
10 Fortifications Austrian Belvedere, Luserna, Verle, Spitz Vezzena;
11 Italian Fortifications: Lisser, Verena, Campolongo, Corbin, Interrupted;
12 Mulattiera entrenchment of Mt. cengio q.1354 (Salto of the grenadiers of Sardinia);
13 Calà del Sasso and his steps q.936 4444;
14 Castelloni St. Mark q.1830, – Cima Isidoro,
15 Town of Rock M. Fior q. 1824;
16 bogs Plateau of 7 municipalities, Marcesina q.1370;
17 The rock incisions of Val d’Assa, q. 830;
18 Altaburg – Altar Knotto q.1334- High Cugela – abyss of Sieson;
19 Via the pastures of the north of the Plateau;
20 Via the pastures of the area south of the Plateau;
21 The inhabited quarry and the quarry painted Rubbio ;
22 Nature trail of the Mills q. 330;
23 Settlement of Bostel
(Pre-Roman village abandoned by it’s inhabitants, perhaps due to ethnic cleansing by Roman colonisers);
24 Cima Larici – Grass Top – Top Portule q. 2308

Map showing the Altopiano of Asiago in relation to the Veneto Region

Veneto Map with Asiago










Map of the main roads to and around the Altopiano of Asiago
Please note that there is a motorway called the Valdastico which goes to the foothills of the Altopiano from the Milan-Bergamo-Brescia-Verona-Vicenza-Venice motorway.

Main roads around the Altopiano