Nearest Airports – Venice Marco Polo, Verona or Treviso

Venice has the added bonus that is you book a window seat on the right hand side on a daytime flight you will get a wonderful view of Venice and the surrounding island towns in the lagoon when you arrive. We recommend Easyjet.

Treviso is geographically the closest but it has the more difficult roads with no motorway and a narrow hillclimb from Bassano del Grappa. And only Ryan Air flies there from the UK.

Verona is easy and again we recommend Easyjet or BA. However, if you hire a car be careful not to get onto the Brennero motorway by mistake when you go through the first tollgate to get onto the motorway system. The filter for the Milan-Venice motorway that you need (head for Venice) is immediately on your right just 50 metres up from the tollgate. If you miss it, which is easy to do as too many Italians will race out of the blocks at the tollgate to make it hard to change lane, then there is a long drive before you can get off the Brennero motorway heading north towards Austria! Very annoying.

Railway Stations
The Altopiano is best reached from Vicenza. The railway station is on the main line between Turin and Trieste/Venice. Be aware that services may be less frequent than you think. We recommend the fast Inter-city express services as they are much faster and still relatively cheap . However, from the railway station you will need to either get a national coach (a local franchise with the quant name of Tramvie-Vicentine) or hire a taxi. The coach service is rather slow as it makes many stops but the views going up to the Altopiano along ‘Il Costo’ road are spectacular.

Main roads around the AltopianoMap of the main roads to and around the Altopiano of Asiago
Please note that there is a motorway called the Valdastico which goes to the foothills of the Altopiano from the Milan-Bergamo-Brescia-Verona-Vicenza-Venice motorway.






Old Railway StationTravelling on foot
We know not everyone drives. Please note that it is possible to reach some of our apartments in Asiago on foot with the aid of the Tramvie Vicentine Timetable Search which stops at the old railway station close to the ice hockey stadium in Asiago. But you will need a wheelie bag or rucksack unless you book or call a taxi.