– A range of museums, monuments, fortifications, trench systems, supply roads

– British & Commonwealth War Cemeteries

IMG_20150414_142507137_HDR (Large)Asiago was awarded the status of a City because of the sacrifices it endured during the Great War. At that time the border between Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire was the northern edge of the Altopiano itself. The entire plateau became a no man’s land with the result that the entire civilian population had to be evacuated and much of the original town and surrounding villages had to be rebuilt in the 20s. However, many of the trenches and forts survive to do this day and perched on hilltops and cliffs they remain fitting memorials to the hundreds of thousands of soldiers who were injured or killed on both sides.

IMG_20150414_142758568_HDR (Large)After the Italian collapse at Caporetto, Italy was helped to recover and ultimately win the war by the British Expeditionary Force which featured prominently in the Altopiano.

There is an extensive range of literature available in Italian and English about the conflict featuring writers of the ilk of Ernest Hemingway and DH Lawrence.